New York Times article – follow-up to Growing Up Digitally

I’m sure you all know by now that I have 2 teenaged kids in the house – so they fall into the category of “Growing Up Digitally”.  Heck some of the things they can do online or on the computer are beyond me – and I work with computers every day !!  So reading and learning what researchers and everyday folks have to say about this generation is definitely at the top of my list.  I also work with University students, so any information I can garnish from these readings often helps me with my interactions with my students.

I was very intrigued with the latest article by Dan Tapscott featured in the New York Times author of Growing Up Digital (1997) and Grown Up digital (2008). The article was great and in my opinion, BANG ON!!!!  There’s nothing wrong with these kids!  They’re quicker, they can push out the daily noise easier than we can and DO concentrate on their own work and get it done!  All the while keeping up with their friends through social networking!  As a parent I’ve found this “skill” frustrating – but I’ve had to pull myself back – because in the end they’re getting work down!  Yes I know – limits…  and yes we impose a few of these.

Key statements – If schools were a business – they’d lose business!  YES!!!  I have to ask though – when I was in high school 25 years ago – could someone make that same statement?  I’m not so sure..  Yes we may not have wanted to sit in class – but were we as “distracted” as today’s child?  I don’t know!

Old pedagogy = Broadcasting – needs to change!!!  The model of having a teacher/instructor lecture or teach one direction no longer works!  These kids need to be actively engaged!  I’ve found that getting them more involved in their own education works!

I could go on – but alas work is calling!  If you have a few spare minutes – take the time to read the article!!!

New York Times Cover Story on “Growing Up Digital” Misses the Mark


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