Misguided Angel by Melissa De La Cruz

Hmm… I just finished Misguided Angel this morning and I’m left …  I don’t know…  not quite as fulfilled as I’ve been with the first four in the series.  I feel like this book is setting me up for the next in the series…  Just having checked Melissa’s website there’s no specific mention of the sixth book – but she does say that there will be more.  So I’ll have to wait 🙂

This story was broken up into 4 parts – the first part retells Jack and Schuyler’s adventure of finding the Gate of Promise, their encounter with Gedi and the Petruvians.  The second part deals primarily with Mimi Force and her struggles as Regent of the Coven.  A vampire has been kidnapped and threatened to be killed and now Mimi needs to figure out the best way to save the vampire and the Coven all at the same time.  The third Part is about Deming Chen, a Venator brought in from China to help Mimi with her kidnapping.  And the fourth part has bits and pieces from the first three parts and by the end – I think I have some of it pieced together – but I really wasn’t sure.  They do fit – but I’m really hoping that the next installment in the Blue Blood series will help me out.

You’ll notice that I always try to capture a quote or two from each book that I read.  I can’t say what grabs me about my quotes – but it might be that a quote captures how I’m feeling at any given moment or it might be something that I think relates to other facets of the book or it might just be something too funny that I just need to capture!  Well with Misguided Angel – my second quote fell into that last category.  How many folks watch Glee?  I enjoy it but I’ll only watch if I remember or if there’s nothing else on.  What really gets to me is just how pervasive the show has really become!

I’m going to recommend this book as I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to be crucial for the next book.

Ages:  14 and up.

Here’s also an awesome Book Trailer:

Favourite quote(s):

“It is better to trust and face betrayal than to remain skeptical of everything and everybody.”     p.58

“…no hulking football players stalking the hallways. no show choir geeks, no threat of slushie facials (perhaps she had just watched too much American television), ….”         p. 133

De La Cruz, Melissa. (2010).  Misguided Angel.  New York, NY: Hyperion.

Author website: http://www.melissa-delacruz.com/


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