The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

I’ve seen this on many fellow bloggers’ sites so decided to read it.  I had not read any of the reviews that were posted so didn’t have anything to base my decision on when I started to read this one.  I think I enjoyed it!  Ok it took me a while to read it and there were many times where I was debating putting it down and not continuing but there was always something about the story that kept me intrigued.  Hmm…  not a very good start eh?  Overall I enjoyed the book – I was a tad confused at times but intrigued enough to keep my interest going.

So what is it about?  A town called Gentry where every 7 years a child is stolen and is replaced by a Reverant – another child who is destined to die.  This phenomenon has been going on for several decades and it seemed to me that it was something that the town just accepted.  Anyway, Mackie Doyle, is a replacement himself, but somehow he’s managed to live past his expiry date.  This is a secret that both he and his family have kept for his entire life, but now, a schoolmate’s younger sister is stolen – and the truth starts to seep out.  Mackie reconnects with his Underworld “family” and needs to decide whether he’ll try to help a friend or stay anonymous.

In a way this story depicts your classic teenager moving into high school phase of their life.  Do they stay anonymous and muddle through school OR do they make a statement and open themselves to ridicule.  As I noted above I did enjoy the book I just got lost and confused at times.

Here’s a great book trailer:


Ages:  14 and up

Favourite quote(s):


“…you take a situation and start inventing obstacles right away.  You never just give things a chance to get better.”       p. 26

“…you have to make them believe that whatever you show them is the ral you because sometimes being believed in is just what it means not to die.”         p. 99

“How when you love someone, sometimes it means that they strip you down, peel you open, and you have to let them and not worry about how much it’s going to hurt.”      p. 102.

Yovanoff, Brenna (2010).  The Replacement.  Toronto, ON: Razorbill


Author website:


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