To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Ok… ok… ok…  I’ve caught the Twitter bug 🙂  I’ll admit it!  I’m guilty as charged ….

I’ll admit that I’m still learning what to tweet and how to tweet but I’ve definitely mastered following folks though.  And it’s absolutely amazing as to who is on Twitter – believe it or not  but all of my favourite authors and bloggers are on there.  And they’re tweeting on a regular basis.  I’m learning about what they’re writing, when the new books are due to be released and where they are going to be to sign books.  It’s wonderful!  I’m really not sure where I would get this information otherwise…  Ah some of you are probably saying – Their Blogs!  Very true – but not all of the tweets are available on their blogs.

So come join the Twitverse and learn more about your favourite YA authors and Bloggers.

2 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

    • I’ve been “creeping” on my personal twitter account – like you said it rake a lot of time – and I just can’t come up with something witty to say 🙂 I just started a twitter account for work and that’s where things could get really busy – seems I’m always watching it and contributing – between meetings and when I should be “working”. But you have to admit it is FUN 🙂

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