Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

This was one of these books that I read in one sitting.  Couldn’t put it down!  Lenah Beaudonte is a 592 yr old vampire who became human again – thanks to the sacrifice of her lover, Rhode.  Rhode made sure that before his life ended that Lenah had everything she would need and some understanding at how she MUST learn to blend in with the humans again.  If she failed to accomplish this – her coven would be sure to find her – and her fate would be in their hands.  Lenah loves her new life but always keeps Rhode close to her.  She embraces her new life at the Wickham school and fights her legacy.

I loved this whole new twist to the vampire realm of stories.  Lenah learns how to become human again and fights those innate vampire urges.  I really enjoyed walking through this story from Lenah’s perspective – it’s not a perspective we see very often in Vampire books/series.  A wonderful and very emotional story.

Oh I have to add that – yes there is another book in this series yet to be released and the little snippet at the end of Infinite Days has me on the edge of my seat.  Can’t wait!


Ages:  14 and up

Official book trailers – I found two for Infinite Days – one for the US audience and a second for the UK audience. Here are links to both of them – very different approaches.

The US Book Trailer:

The UK Trailer:

Favourite quote:

“I love that he looked rugged though his skin was flawless and completely polished.  He could have told me he slayed a dragon with both hands tied behind his back and I would have believed it possible.”             p. 50

Maizel, Rebecca. (2010). Infinite Days.  New York, NY:  St. Martin’s Griffin.

Author website:


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