Virgin Territory by James Lecesne

Ok I know a strange title and when you read the back you really wonder what this is all about 🙂  But in the end, the story is all about a young teenaged boy trying to find his way in life – where is he going?  What are his plans for the future?  I found it a bit slow at times but overall it was a wonderful story.

Dylan lives with his father in Florida and really has no direction in life.  After being caught abusing his Internet privileges, Dylan gets a job as a caddy at one of the many, many golf courses in Jupiter.  With the sudden appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) on a tree, the little golf course is put into utter turmoil.  Folks from everywhere come to see the BVM and amongst them are a small group of teens that befriend Dylan.  With Angela, Crispy and Desiree, Dylan or rather Alex learns that there’s more to life than what he’s experienced to date – he learns that he needs to (a) want something and (b) take a risk.

The more I think about this story there are so many poignant aspects of it that have me thinking and thinking and thinking.  Dylan’s relationship with his father, their relationship with Marie (Dylan’s grandmother), and Marie.  I could this book being used in an English class since there are so.. many things that are really left to the reader to decipher.  Wonderful!!

One last comment – the title Virgin Territory – does anyone know what this really means?  I know when I read the title I thought of all sorts of things – but was surprised when I read what it really means.  A wild, untamed area.  Again – the interpretations are unlimited here.

Highly recommended

Ages: 13 and up

Favourite quotes:

“… words are precious symbols that allow us, depending on the way we arrange them, to express just about anything in the world.”

“A person can never be 100 percent certain about anything in this world – that’s the one thing about which I’m entirely certain.”

Note: Since this is an ARC I will not publish page numbers until these can be confirmed in the published novel.

Lecesne, James. (2010).  Virgin Territory. Advanced Reader’s Copy provided by the Travelling ARC tour blog.

Author website:


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