Poll results (6) and new Poll question

Do you read more in the:

40% Summer
33% Winter
7% Fall
20% Other:  Same all year-long; the whole year; all the time

A little surprising to me but when you look at the numbers it’s pretty hard to draw a firm conclusion.  I was expecting more of us to select Winter over Summer.  But I guess when we’re on vacation there may be more opportunities to read.  Interesting…

A funny thing how Spring wasn’t chosen by anyone 🙂  Is that because we’re all really busy around the house in the Spring, or is it a case of not being able to draw a clean line between Winter/Spring/Summer?

So for my next Poll…  Hmm…  how bout something really easy – ok?

What’s your favourite time of day to read?

Before work (6-8am)
In the morning (8-11am)
During lunch hour (11am-1pm)
In the afternoon (1-4pm)
After work and before supper (4-6pm)
After supper (6 -8pm)
At night (8-10pm)
Bedtime  (10pm and later)


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