I’m back and sooo behind!

So I’ve been back for just over a week – but haven’t had the chance to catch up on my blogging.  Seems that every September just keeps getting busier and busier.  As I noted earlier that even though I wasn’t blogging I was still reading.  Thinking back now – I have to try to remember what I was reading.

So I think I’ve learned one really important lesson this summer:
Lesson one – write reviews and document as you go – even if you’re on vacation!!!!

So to try to remember and prod myself to complete the reviews over the next couple of days – I’m going to list the books I’ve read – probably not too many – but I need to type them out or I will forget them!

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel – awesome awesome book!
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher – had to pry this one away from my daughter
Pure by Terra Elan McVoy – haven’t quite finished this one yet…
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – what can I really say about this one  🙂

Currently reading:
Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Trickster’s Girl by Hilari Bell

Books we’ve bought – um – a few…  but the one I can’t wait to start is Fallout by Ellen Hopkins – just picked this one up tonight…

Phew…  I’m tired just from thinking about these reviews.   Well check back in a few days and my reviews will be up and available.  But for now Sapphique is calling me from the Prison



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