Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

Eternal Ones only took me a couple of days to read  – I was  getting ready for vacation in between chapters 🙂  This was another one of these great books!  One I really enjoyed!   I read this book back in August and it’s now September and it’s still with me – EEK!

In a few words I loved this one!!!  The whole concept that it covers is amazing and definitely got me thinking  and wondering 🙂

Imagine living your life and believing that you’ve lived past lives, that you’re missing something OR that your true love is someone famous you just saw on the TV.  This was Haven Moore’s life – she lived with her overprotective grandmother in a small town where she and her best friend made dresses for their classmates.  She was saving her money to move to New York where she felt drawn.  Then one day sees Iain Morrow on TV and just knows he’s the love of her life and finds a way to get to New York without her family stopping her.  Haven uncovers the many truths of her live(s) by following her instincts.

As I mentioned earlier, this was one of those books that was intriguing and really got me thinking.  It was fun and kept my interest – I just had to finish it before we left for Montreal.  It was a fun story that hopped around but was easy to follow.


Ages: 12 and over

Just in case you’ve missed the Book trailer – here it is:

Favourite quote:
“Don’t expect me to be perfect.  Despite all my lives I’m still only human.  I can’t deliver perfection, and I’ll only disappoint you.  But I want you to remember that you’re the most important thing in the world to me. ”

Note: Since this is an ARC I will not publish page numbers until these can be confirmed in the published novel.

Miller, Kirsten.  (2010).  The Eternal Ones.  Advanced Reader’s Copy provided by the Travelling ARC tour blog.

Book website:


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