Summertime Blogging

Eeekkkk…  looks like I’m suffering from summer blog blues?  If there’s such a thing.  Actually I don’t think I can really call it the blues – but rather a case of being so busy with life that I haven’t made too much time for my blog lately.

But don’t you fret – I’ve been reading still 🙂  I’ve also picked up my knitting habit again – so there seems to be a trade-off day by day – knitting vs. reading.  So my reading has been pushed back to bath-time and bedtime.  I did finish Linger by Maggie Stiefvater last week – but haven’t gotten around to writing my review yet.  Up until now I’ve been very good about writing my reviews – I finish the book I write the review – but I tell you this summer thing has really got me!

I will catch up – no worries…  I will update my current readings though – as I’m almost through It Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech, halfway through Pure by Terra Elan McVoy and I just bought Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel tonight (and of course I started that one too…).

So despite my blogging silence I continue to read, read, read….


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