Forget You by Jennifer Echols

An absolutely fabulous and heart-tugging story!  I only received a copy of this ARC (by participating in the Travelling ARC tour) yesterday and it’s all done!  What does that say to you?  A page turner, couldn’t put it down, drawn into the book right from the start and it would NOT release me!  Can I put  finger on what particular aspect I enjoyed the most?  Ummmmm – NO!  I really enjoyed it all!

Zoey, seventeen years old, captain of her school’s swim team, wrecked her vintage Bug one night and lost her memory of the entire afternoon and evening’s events.  She tries her hardest to forge forward, keeping her family’s secrets from her best friends, standing by the notion that she has a boyfriend – Brandon, and trying to understand Doug.  However as time passes she slowly discovers the truth of that evening and somewhere along that time she also discovers her true feelings for the boys in her life.

As I’ve mentioned earlier I really enjoyed this story.  I especially loved the development of the relationship between Zoey and Doug.  This is a story that will stick around with me for a while.  This is also my first Jennifer Echols novel – I will now be looking at reading more.

Favourite quote(s):

” ‘ Hair of the day.  Bloody Mary after you’ve spent the night drinking.  As in, revisiting something helps you get over it.’ ”

Note: Since this is an ARC I will not publish page numbers until these can be confirmed in the published novel.

Echols, Jennifer. (2010). Forget You.  Advanced Reader’s Copy provided by the Travelling ARC tour blog.

Author website:


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