NerdsHeartYA contest and judging competition

Check out the great contest and competition at NerdsHeartYa blog!  A competition geared at showcasing books that have not received a lot of publicity in 2009.  This year’s theme is focused on diversity.   I’ll be reviewing Timon County Fire by Pamela Ehrenberg and Funny How Things Change by Melissa Wyatt and posting my reviews later this week.  Stay tuned and check out the many excellent reviews to be coming out the next couple of weeks!

Please check out a great interview with Pamela Ehrenberg author of Timon County Fire hosted at Rhapsody in Books Weblog


4 thoughts on “NerdsHeartYA contest and judging competition

  1. I read about your Nerds Heart YA contest and comp over at rhapsodyinbooks. Very cool! I’ll check it out. The reviews/interviews of Enrenberg’s Tillmon County Fire were great too!

  2. Thank you so much! And I enjoyed today’s teaser about Funny How Things Change–what a wonderful-sounding book! Thanks so much for all of the energy going into the tournament–I’m honored to be part of things.

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