Stolen by Lucy Christopher

OMG!!!!  What an awesome book!  I think the main aspect of this book that drew me in was the way it was written – a letter to her captor!  It was fantastic!  While reading it I felt the fear and anxiety that Gemma felt and then the confusion near the end – it was absolutely amazing!

The story all started with Gemma, a sixteen year old girl, trying to buy herself a coffee at the Bangkok airport.  She just had a fight with her parents, needed some space and went to get a coffee at a cafe in the airport when she met Ty.  He had such beautiful eyes and a way about him that gave Gemma the confidence to let him pay for her coffee and to sit with him.  However, within minutes of drinking her coffee, Gemma was drugged and kidnapped.  Throughout her ordeal, she struggles with her feelings for Ty.  I found that Gemma’s emotions and feelings leapt off the pages.  You were always there, feeling alongside her.  It was terrifying yet beautiful all at once.

I’m left wondering what would have happened if there was no snake – would Ty have honoured his promise?  Would Gemma have wanted him to?  Without spoiling the story – I’m left with many questions and yet I understand the ending.  It really was the only way, wasn’t it?

I would highly recommend this book, although I’d lean towards the older audience since the topic is a little tough to read and deal with.

If you need more convincing here is the book trailer:

Favourite quotes:

“… At least when I was with you, it felt like my life mattered somehow….No, that’s not really it; it felt like my life was being noticed.”               p. 96

“I sipped again.  It burned my throat like sunburn, only inside instead of out this time.”           p. 200

Christopher, Lucy.  (2010).  Stolen. New York, NY: Chicken House, Scholastic.

Author website:


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