Deception by Lee Nichols

That does it – I’m hooked…  Will I ever be able to do any work at home?  Or is reading YA books my true destiny?  I know when I started this book that there was a reason I couldn’t decide between it and Tyger Tyger – two fabulous books!  I now realize that the more I read in the Young Adult genre the more I get hooked!  How did I miss all these growing up?  Oh right…  that was too many years ago.  Never mind…

I think I’ve finally figured out that I LOVE stories about ghosts and ghost stories.  Looking back on my childhood I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts – I’m just so glad I still hold that fascination.  Deception starts with the disappearance of Emma Vaile’s parents, their only employee quitting and leaving Emma on her own to man her parent’s antiquities store.  Just imagine the freedom that would provide any 17-year-old?  Unfortunately for Emma her freedom is cut short after she hosts a grand party for her new friends.  She’s whisked away by her childhood crush and now guardian, Bennett, to live in California and learn about her true heritage.  Emma learns that she really is not going crazy, she does indeed see ghosts and that her family has been keeping her abilities a secret all these years.  Now Emma needs to deal with who she is and her growing attraction to Bennett.

This was one of those books that kept me going from day one – as you may have noted from an earlier post – I was intrigued from the very beginning of the book.  Now that I’ve finished this book – I find I’m craving more.  I’ll be on the lookout for the next book in the Haunting Emma series, Betrayal.

Favourite quote:

“You can’t help it, can you?  Who you like.  And you can’t force them to like you back.”         p. 217

Nichols, Lee.  (2010). Deception. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.

Author website:

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