Can’t decide on which book to read?

Oh boy…  I’m in Ithaca, NY for a conference this week – so my reading habits are out the window.  I thought I’d be “proactive” and take my Sony eReader and a physical book.  But now…  I keep switching between them – depending on my environment, eReader vs. physical book.  Eek…  Both are great books but I find that I just can’t pick one – hence if you’re watching my blog you’ll see the image under currently reading changing.

Hmmm…  so I guess technically I could say that I’m reading both 🙂  Sort of…  I started Deception by Lee Nichols the one night while sitting outdoors and it had a great beginning – keep finding myself drifting to “Why did her parents leave and where are they?”  But I’m also into Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton and I’m just at the point where Finn has arrived and has clearly stated that he will be changing Teagan’s plans. Argh!

Well I’m heading home tomorrow afternoon – so I guess I’ll have to decide then which one I’m going to finish first – so beware of two reviews coming out shortly and I suspect one after another this weekend.

Enjoy the rain or the HOT weather wherever you may be!


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