Poll results (4) and new Poll question

Which of the following lead you to pick up a book?

53%     The Summary at the back of the book
24%     The cover
24%     The title

Again – another surprising result!  Looking at these numbers makes me think I should have this question first 🙂   Who knew?

If you’re wondering where my surprise and confusion lie – the last poll – most people suggested that YES the cover of the book will influence whether you’d read the summary at the back of the book or not…  Yet…  this poll you’re saying that the summary of the book is the main reason you’d pick up a book.  Hmm….

I think in the end – it’s probably a combination of title, summary and cover that will cause individuals to pick up a book and read it.  But with that let’s keep digging into this area with a new question about the summary this time…

Do you prefer a back cover that:

  • provides a synopsis of the story.
  • highlights quote(s) from the book.
  • lists publisher and author accolades.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this question….


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