You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn

Well…  I’m not sure how I feel about this book.  It was fascinating but very, very disturbing – so I’ll talk about both sides of the coin – but first a quick synopsis.  Miles and Laura were cousins – sisters in many respects, they shared a private language growing up, created their own games and kept each other’s secrets.  But as they moved into high school their lives diverged except for their “extracurricular” medicating practices which always brought them together.  After Laura’s suicide, Miles really struggles with her loss.  What should she do as her relationships with Laura’s father and her best friend shift and she discovers who she is.

Aspects of the book that I enjoyed was the shift in the relationship between Miles and Jim, Jamal, and Bex.  I appreciated the insight that Miles provided me – what she was thinking and why.  As I continued to read the book I became more involved with Miles – I was anxious to understand why she changed and what she was planning on doing…  Understanding how the loss of a cousin-sister could affect an individual.  The whole topic area of drugs and suicides is a very difficult one – but one I feel that Rachel Cohn dealt with in a very respectful manner.

Things I didn’t like about the book – there was one passage in particular that just threw me completely!  Miles’ father comes to stay with her every summer and when he returned this year, Miles made it very clear to the reader how she felt about her father and fathers in general.  I guess I took offense to this – and wonder what type of message this sends out to young readers?  Yes it is the reflection of one individual but what do young adults take away from a passage like this?  I don’t know.  Both my girls told me I was silly to even think this way – but I really don’t know…  Maybe I was wearing my “Mom” hat a little too tight?

Overall I did enjoy the book but I would be careful as to who I’d recommend it to.  I would only recommend it to older teens – I’m leaning towards 16 years and over.

Favourite quotes:

“A Category 5 hurricane is building in my heart and soul, but right now it’s offshore, waiting to make landfall, waiting to crush me.”          p.28

“Stay inside the dream.  Stay inside the dream.  No thought police are allowed to exist there.”      p. 143

Cohn, Rachel.  (2009).  You Know Where to Find Me. Toronto, ON: Simon Pulse.

Author website:


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