Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison

Beautiful…  Heart-wrenching…  Enchanting… Heart-warming…. You’ll never forget this book!  This is one that will stay with me for a LONG time!

I’m really at a loss for words with this book – when I first started it I was a bit weary with the whole transformation of the “Beast” with modern technologies and so on – and really wondered about the message this might send to our teens today.  BUT…  as I continued reading I realized that this transformation was only a very small part of this wonderful story!  I finished the book last night and I’m still living with it….

The intertwining of the music and relationships was gorgeous!  Beth takes on the solo for her choir when they head to Lausanne for an international competition.  While in Lausanne she meets Derek, a Canadian tenor singer  from the famous Amabile Choir who developed an interest in Beth’s voice and really wants to meet her.  Derek really encourages Beth to break out of her shell.  When the competition is over Beth returns home, where her childhood sweetheart, Scott is waiting for her.  With Derek playing hot and cold with her, Beth isn’t sure what is happening – do they have a relationship or not?  How does Scott fit into the picture?

It’s a beautiful and hard story to read – and I highly recommend to everyone!  Both teens and adults alike!  Everyone can learn something from this story.   I am so struck by this story it’s hard to stop thinking about it…  I also love the Epilogue available on Angela Morrison’s website – made me weep again – thanks for a truly touching and beautiful story!

Favourite quotes:

“He runs across the ice floor and slides all the way down a narrow hall that leads to the exit, his authentic Canadianness oozing out.  Maybe he plays that wierd game with the stones.”           p. 91

The verses to the last song that Beth sings in this book are so touching but they reveal too much of the story to post here – but if you read the book you’ll understand…   These verses can be found on pages 297-299.

Morrison, Angela. (2010).  Sing Me To Sleep.  Toronto, ON: Razorbill.

Author website: – Just discovered Beth’s song here – it’s as beautiful as I imagined…


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