Reading more than one book?

I never thought I’d see the day where – YES! – I’m reading two books at the same time.  Ok I don’t mean that literally – but somehow I’ve managed to inadvertently start reading one book in one room and another elsewhere in the house.  Wierd!  I somehow had myself convinced for years…  that this was just not possible.  I mean really how can you read two books at once!  But – I’m doing it!  Don’t ask me how – cause I always thought people that tackle two at one time were crazy and how can you keep the stories apart?  It’s just wierd! I’ll admit that I’m much much farther ahead in the one – and the other is on the back burner unless I’m in that room – but it’s pulling me – and I can’t wait to give it my full attention.

So – I’ll add my second book to my Currently Reading space on the side – and for anyone who’s read or is reading my second book – you’ll understand why I’m being drawn to it.


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