We did it…. Kelley Armstrong signing

I waffled for almost a week – but I think I always knew somewhere deep down that I’d go – and I’m so glad I did!  So… we got there around 7pm…  but we had no idea where Coles was in the mall  – neither of us had been to Argyle Mall before – remember we don’t live in London.  So – we walk into the mall from what appeared to be a MAIN entrance – things are very quiet – let’s say it was not what you would call a busy mall.  But…  as soon as we got into the main part of the mall it wasn’t hard to get a sense that something was up!  There was a line – a HUGE line!  We still couldn’t see where Coles was – but we now knew how to get there.

We hopped in line – talked to one of the Coles employees – and I have to say they were an awesome crew last night – very helpful and extremely happy and polite!  Learned that I had to run into the store to buy the book first – and that’s when I learned how LONG the line was – yikes!  But I really wanted my book signed and my friend’s daughter really wanted to meet her – so we waited – waited – waited – two and a half hours.  They closed the mall on us 🙂

Oh but what a wonderful person Kelley was.  So open and willing to chat with everyone and to take pictures – it truly was a treat!  My daughter asked her about how sore her hand must have been – she said ya – a little but that she Loved doing this!  And it showed!

Thanks Kelley for a great trip – it was my first signing and it was great!  Now I need to get off this Blog and read The Reckoning 🙂


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