The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Imagine living in a world surrounded by fences and the Unconsecrated (I guess we can call them a flavour of zombies) constantly moaning and hungering for your live bodies on the other side of these fences.  Imagine having a group such as the Sisterhood telling you that they know best and dictating how you  live, who you marry, and when you should have your babies.  Imagine living in a world where you wonder everyday if there’s anything beyond your village walls.  Mary tries to live this life – but then her world crumbles and she’s given the opportunity to pursue her dreams and seek out the Ocean that her Mother told her about as a child.

I really enjoyed this novel and I especially enjoyed the romance in the story.  The relationships among the four childhood friends, Cass, Travis, Harry and Mary.  How their relationships were forced at first and how they evolved through the book.  And yes..  I have to say I cried!  I’m a real sap – ok I’ll admit it – but the relationships are what really made this book for me.  That and the self-discovery that Mary goes through with Travis’ help.  Just awesome!

I would recommend this book and I’d recommend it to 13 yrs and over.

If you need more convincing to read this book take a look at the Kirkus Reviews 2008 Teen Book Video

Favourite quote:

“One line jumps from the page, making me catch my breath: “Nor shall death brag though wander’st in her shade…” I drop the book, too many letters and numbers and words swirling through my head.”         p. 260

Ryan, Carrie. (2009). The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  New York, NY: Delacorte Press.

Author website:

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