Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure by Allan Richard Shickman

A wonderful story about a young boy coming of age in prehistoric times.  Zan tackles his fears head-on while hunting a lion and earns the respect of men of all the local tribes.  After facing the lion, with renewed courage and a sense of duty, Zan-Gah (Zan of the Rock) decides it’s time to leave the comfort of his home and find his missing twin brother, Dael.

I really enjoyed spending time with Zan-Gah and being with him as he really matured into an admirable young man.  To think what one individual can accomplish!  This book was an easy read and held my attention – there was action and suspense – and I didn’t know where it was going – which I love in a book.  I would definitely recommend this book and feel that it would be a great read for the younger audience, ages 9 and up.  I have to wonder whether the male protagonist and the hunting action would be more appealing to boys than girls though…  but having said that I know some girls that would really enjoy this one.

There is a sequel, entitled Zan-Dah and the Beautiful Country, which I will be reading shortly – the lead-in to the sequel has me curious 🙂

I also want to thank Earthshaker Books for providing these books.

Favourite quote:

” ‘You will be like this dry desert, which receives a little rain and surprises us all with its new flowers.’ ”   p. 188

Shickman, Allan Richard. (2010). Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure.  St Louis, MO: Earthshaker Books.

Author website:


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