The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

I was surprised by this story…  I guess I really wasn’t sure what to expect so it was a pleasant story.  Chloe Saunders has lead a life of luxury – really…  her mother died at a young age and she has her father who at a young age promised her she could go to “Art School”.  Between moving and changing nannies – Chloe’s one consistent has always been her school.  Until one day – when she had what appeared to be a mental meltdown and was sent to Lyle House for “troubled teens” to recover.  During her stay at Lyle House, Chloe learns more about who she really is and who her housemates are.  Is there a hidden relationship among them?  Are they all at Lyle House for the same reason?  Can she trust her Aunt Lauren, who has been her stand-in Mom for so many years?  You’ll have to read it to find out the answers 🙂

As I noted above I was surprised by this story.  Yes, I’ll admit I had already formed an opinion about it based on the cover information – she can see ghosts and they can see her…  Well I was wrong!  It wasn’t what I initially thought – it took most of the book to really understand – and it was great that I learned along with Chloe about her “powers”.  And yes I was SHOCKED! by the twist the story took at the very end – and of course – I have the second book already The Awakening and I think I have to start it today – I’m really curious about what we learned at the end – so now I need to know the whole story!

Check out the Book Trailer:

Here’s another surprise!  I had NO idea Kelley Armstrong was Canadian – let alone lives in Rural Southwestern Ontario – REALLY???  Yeowsers!

Favourite Quote:

“…But I believed in God and in an afterlife the same way I believed in solar systems I’d never seen – that matter-of-fact acceptance that they existed even if I’d never thought much about the specifics.

If ghosts existed, did that mean there was no heaven?  Were we all doomed to walk the earth forever as shades, hoping to find someone who could see or hear us and…?”         p.109

Armstrong, Kelley. (2008).  The Summoning. Canada:  DoubleDay Canada.

Author website:


One thought on “The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

  1. She’s having a book signing this month in London for the release of the last book. You should go : ) I think I’m gonig to take my Sister-in-law. You should also check the author profile I did on her to see some of her adult books : )

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