Novels, Trilogies or Series?

First of all – Thank-you to all who participated in my Poll. Drum roll please…… the answers were:

  • 38% preferred Trilogies
  • 31% preferred Single Novels
  • 23% preferred Series
  • 8% preferred All of the Above  (and thanks to those of you who suggested this – I should have thought of it)

When I posed the question I thought for sure there would be a clear winner – but Boy was I wrong!  To me – it looks like a fairly even split with trilogies and single novels taking the lead.

So… what do I prefer?  Well I think it’s a toss up between the Single Novel and the Trilogy.  I guess I love a book that grabs me, makes me fall in love with the characters and takes me on an adventure.  But I like to know that the adventure will end or that I can feel good about the ending.  I don’t like not knowing that things will end and I really don’t like being dragged on by a series.  Now don’t get me wrong there have been series that I have truly enjoyed…  And really – how do you define a series?  Is it four books?  or more?  Hmmm….  my next poll question 🙂


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