Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

This book has first released in 1971 – that’s almost 40 years ago – and it’s still one of the most sensational and yet controversial books.  Go Ask Alice is a diary depicting the life of a fifteen year old who comes from a stable and loving home and is served a drink laced with LSD at a party one night.  This one drink proves to be the beginning of an addiction that takes her on an incredible adventure to places no teenager should ever venture to.

This was a book that never made it on any reading list when I was in high school, but I’m told that it has been added in recent years but not to all school boards.  I’ll admit it was a whole new world for me and it was scary!!!  A world I wish never existed – yet I know it exists all around us.

Although it was tough to read as a parent, I would definitely recommend it to high school students as well as their parents.  This is a book that can open everyone’s eyes to some very scary and relevant issues of today’s teens.  I just have to add one more thought – I know there are numerour TV shows that deal with this issue as well – but it’s just not the same as reading a book and living the moments with the author.

Favourite quotes: Yes I may have overdone it this time – but these four quotes touched me in one way or another and I really wanted to capture them.

“…If only parents would listen!  If only they would let us talk instead of forever and eternally and continuously harping and preaching and nagging and correcting and yacking, yacking, yacking!  But they won’t listen! They simply won’t or can’t or don’t want to listen, and we kids keep winding up back in the same old frustrating, lost, lonely corner with no one to relate to either verbally or physically.”    p. 51

“I used to think I was the only one who felt things, but I really am only one infinitely small part of an aching humanity.  It’s a good thing most people bleed on the inside or this would be a gory, blood-smeared earth.”    p. 134

“Is the school actually like a minor galaxy, with a little world for each minority group and one for the poor kids and one for the rich kids and one for the dopers, or maybe even one for the privileged dopers and one for the dopers who come from not so wealthy backgrounds?  All of us being completely unaware of the other worlds until a person tries to step from one sphere to the other.”    p. 160

“Why is life so difficult?  Why can’t we just be ourselves and have everyone accept us the way we are?  Why can’t I just be me as I am now and not have to concentrate and fume and get upset about my past and my future.”      p. 208

Anonymous.  (2006).  Go Ask Alice.  New York, NY:  Simon Pulse.

2 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

  1. I love this book, it breaks me every time I read it, because it didn’t have to be that way for her. I just love her, I think one of my favourites, or at least most read books of all time.

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