New Poll Question

I think the way I’ll tackle polls is to post them when I can think of a relevant question – but I will leave them open for at least a week and post the results along with my thoughts on them.  Sound fair?

So my poll of the week – as you may have noticed I can easily be drawn into a single book or a series – but there are days when I think I wish for one or the other.  I know – not making a lot of sense am I?  Let’s see…  what I’d like to know from you – is:  When you choose a book to read do you have a preference for a book that is a standalone story OR do you prefer a book that is part of a trilogy – so you know the story will end by book three OR do you prefer one that is part of a series?  I hope that makes more sense…

Looking forward to your thoughts on this one 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Poll Question

  1. Hmm…I voted for stand-alone novels, because when I first dive into a book, I like knowing that I’ll get the whole story, that there will be closure, and that I won’t “have” to buy who knows how many other books to get to the end of the story (sadly, I don’t have access to a public library). But when I’m really into something, I love knowing that I’ll have a chance to see those characters again and to spend more time with them. I guess my final answer depends on how much I like a book 😛 If I really love it, I’d love a good quality sequel.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I LOVE a standalone novel – but if it’s a great book it is often written in such a way that leaves me craving for more. What I have found today though is that even the trilogies are being extended to “series” and that I’m not so found of.

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