Hourglass by Claudia Gray

Oh my!  Oh my! Oh MY!!!!!  AH…..  Cliffhanger extreme!  That was fantastic!  And yes – is there anyway to move up the publication date for Afterlife?  I’m on the edge of my seat just waiting to find out what will happen to Lucas, Bianca and Blathazar!  The third book was just as great as the first and the second.  I often worry that I’ll get bored with the later books in a series – but just no way with this one.  I think Claudia Gray put it the best in her Youtube presentation – she likes to throw in the twists just when you think the reader is settling into the book – and oh!! has she ever done a fantastic job at this!

So – I’ve been ranting and raving here – sorry I can’t help it!  In the third installment of the Evernight series, Lucas and Bianca run away from the Black Cross and try to make it on their own.  Just as any young couple they need money, jobs and a place to stay.  They muddle through these and strengthen their relationship at the same time.  However….  Bianca is starting to learn what her choices really are and learns that in the end, she doesn’t have the choice she thought she always had.  I can’t say anything more without giving everything away!

A highly recommended book for ages 14 years and up.

To read my thoughts on the first two books in the Evernight series please visit:

Stargazer  Second book in the series
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Favourite quote:

“Give me my Romeo; and, when, he shall die, make him and cut him out in little stars.  And he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun.”   p. 307

Gray, Claudia. (2010). Hourglass.  New York, NY:  HarperTeen.

Author website:  http://www.claudiagray.com/

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