This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

As you probably already know – I love Sarah Dessen’s books.  She has this way of capturing the teen’s perspective and taking the raw teenage emotions and creating something truly wonderful!  In This Lullaby Remy lives with her Mom and brother Chris and is in the midst of planning her mother’s fifth wedding.  She’s also getting ready to enjoy her typical summer, have a summer boyfriend that meets her own set of standards for the summer months before she heads off to Stanford in the Fall.  However, her plans are thrown off kilter when Dexter runs into her in her future stepfather’s car dealership and tells her that they’re meant to be together.  The summer has Remy experiencing and questioning love in so many ways.

I did love this book, but I have to admit that this one kind of threw me a bit.  I’m not a big fan of swearing – and holy cow! there was a fair share of swearing in this book.  Maybe if I read the book rather than listened to it I may not have noticed it as much as I did.  Yes – some teens do tend to talk like this – but I didn’t get the impression that Remy really needed to talk like this.

A truly wonderful story and one that I would recommend with a note of caution regarding some of the language.  I wonder whether this book could provide teens from a broken family a perspective on love that they may have lost along the way?  I don’t know but as an optimist by nature – I would hope it could.  I would definitely recommend this book – but as with other Sarah’s books I would recommend it to the older teen – 16 years and over.

Favourite quote:

“…She left these scribblings all around the house, folded into corners, on the backs of shelves, acting as markers in books.  I’d found one about seals, which later turned out to be a major plot point in Memories of Truro, sticking out of a box of tampons under my sink.  I guess you never knew when inspiration would strike.”    p. 263

“…The love we have for each other is bigger than these smaller differences.  And that’s the key.  It’s like a big pie chart, and love in a relationship has to be the biggest piece.  Love can make up for a lot….”    p.264

Dessen, Sarah.  (2009).  This Lullaby [sound recording CD].   Princed Frederick, MD : Recorded Books.

Author website:


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