Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Stargazer was the second installment of the Evernight series, and it had just as many twists and turns as Evernight – Wonderful!  Kept my attention the whole book and kept me up into the wee hours of the morning…  Hmmm…  now I’m stuck – how do I write my own little synopsis without giving away too much about Evernight?  I don’t think I can – so I’ll copy the bit from the back of the book – Oh…  but rereading it – well it kind of gives away a bit too doesn’t it?

So let’s try this….  um….  nah…  Just READ it!!!!  Let’s just say that the story continues to revolve around Bianca, Lucas, Balthazar and shy Raquel.  Relationships mature and evolve among these individuals and the twists and turns just keep you hopping. As with Evernight – just when I thought I knew where the plot was going – whoosh – that idea was thrown out the window and the turn that I just took was unexpected.  If you think you knew everything about vampires and ghosts – think again!!!

As I noted in my Evernight post, my daughter has already beaten me and read Evernight, Stargazer and Hourglass – she hasn’t divulged any information yet – but I can see how it’s getting tough on her.  When she sees me reading – her question are “Where are you?  What’s happening?” and I know better than to tell her – because her facial expression will tell me too much!  So – I’m almost caught up and then we can talk about it 🙂

So who would I recommend this series to – can you guess?  Yup – I would say 12 years and up.  And this really is a great series for parents and teens to read – so far it’s been a lot of fun for the two of us – so why not try it yourself?  For the teens – it’s a great story that will keep your attention – and for the adults?  I’d say the same goes.  If you’re a Mom or Dad and have read this book or series along with your teen – let me know how it went.  As soon as I read Hourglass – I’ll share my experiences talking about the books with my daughter with you all 🙂  Until then – GO Read IT!!!

Favourite quote:

“Romeo and Juliet don’t know each other very well. … They defy their parents for each other, risk their lives for each other, and finally die for each other, even though they’ve only met a handful of times.  It’s a huge love story built on infatuation.  Maybe Shakespeare should have let them know each other longer.”      p. 153

Gray, Claudia. (2009).  Stargazer.  New York, NY: Harper Teen.

Author website:


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