Great Vacation and reading…

I know I know – vacation and reading – how do they really go together?  Well – I read before I go to sleep and I often read in the morning when everyone’s still sleeping.  So where did that get me this week?  With Fallen by Lauren Kate complete – will post my thoughts later today – and Evernight by Claudia Gray almost complete.  I confess though that Evernight was a plane read – and I’ve only got like 20-30 pages left and it’s soooo hard to stay away from it right now.  Work and class and home…  But tonight – it’ll be done – and I can’t wait.

I have to share another fun story about our trip.  We’ve been searching for the book Nightrunner by Max Turner for quite a while here in Ontario – and have been unable to find it.  We walk into an IndigoSprit! store in the Halifax Shopping Centre – and my daughter goes to the back and returns with a book, grinning ear to ear – Yup – you guessed it – they had it!  And yes she loved it! and finished it in one night – has me very very curious now…


One thought on “Great Vacation and reading…

  1. I think maybe I need to take a vacation just to make sure I get some reading done! Only 4 more weeks until break!!!!!!!

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