Fallen by Lauren Kate

Love at first sight?  or Hate at first sight?  It was really tough to decide which it was throughout the book. I really love books that keep me guessing and this one did.  Shadows?  and unexplained deaths?  Twist in some unexplainable attraction between two teenagers and you have the perfect mix for a great story.

Luce Price was sent to Sword & Cross boarding school for disturbed youth after an “incident” and met Daniel Grigori.  Luce finds that she’s attracted to Daniel and just can’t explain this strong need and urge to be near him.  But he wants nothing to do with her and does everything possible to avoid her.  While Luce tries desperately to get close to Daniel, Cam, another good looking classmate tries to befriend Luce and help her forget about Daniel.

I found this book to be one of those that was very hard to put down.  My only real disappointment with the book started to set in when I had about 40 pages left and realized that this had to be the first of more.  Ugh!!!  I enjoy trilogies and series – but I was so looking forward to a resolution of Luce and Daniel’s relationship – that I was disappointed with how it ended.  Maybe, if I knew beforehand (and don’t ask me why I didn’t realize it going into this book) that it was the first – maybe I would have expected things to resolve – but since I didn’t – I was a little disappointed.  OK – so now that I know…  I’m very glad to see that Torment will be released on September 28, 2010 – so that’s only six and a half months….  It will pass quickly right???

In the meantime – if you’re not convinced that you need to read this book – take a look at the 2009 Book Video Awards Finalist trailer for Fallen – it’s sure to grab your attention.

Favourite quote:

well…  I don’t have one this time around – I read the book and then gave it to a friend’s daughter without copying a quote…  So I’ll have to let it pass this time 🙂

Kate, Lauren.  (2009).  Fallen.  New York, NY: Delacorte Books.

Author blog: http://www.laurenkatefallen.com/

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