Evernight by Claudia Gray

Vampires and boarding schools?  Hmmm – sound a little familiar?  A blending of a couple of stories I just read perhaps?  But this book had some huge surprises for me.  Imagine sitting on a small plane and reading this book – AH!!!!  I had to stop a couple of times – turn to my daughter and ask her whether I really read that!  This is an awesome book!  For me there were two points in the story that just threw me!  I was expecting one thing only to discover that what I was thinking and expecting was WRONG!

Bianca moves to Evernight Academy with her parents, who are the new teachers at this elite boarding school.  She’s always had a hard time  fitting in and decides that moving to Evernight is the last straw and decides to run away.  However while trying to run away, she encounters Lucas and concedes to staying at Evernight for the year.  Oh, it’s a wonderful story with balls and gazebos and handsome young men – and yes with the cliques.   But it’s just not your usual story.

So – who would I recommend this one too?  Anyone!  Ok I have to admit that I bought this one and it’s successor, Stargazer for myself, but… my daughter beat me to them.  Now she’s almost finished Hourglass, the final book in this trilogy.  She’s really enjoyed it – so I have to say it receives a two-thumbs up from us.

Here’s a video of Claudia Gray talking about Evernight.

Favourite quote:

“The students were huddled together, here or there, leaning in to talk in whispers or laugh…. Superficially, they looked like any other group of teenagers, hanging out – but there was an energy in the air that heightened my senses, added tension to everyone’s movements and cruelty to most of the smiles.”   p. 56

Gray, Claudia. (2008). Evernight.  New York, NY: Harper Teen.

Author website: http://claudiagray.com/


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