Traveling and books

Well for those who know me – know it’s been a few months since I’ve boarded a plane…  But I’m off this weekend and part of next week to the East Coast.  That means a plane ride to and fro – a couple of hours of, in theory, undisturbed reading time!!!!

So the question, what to take?  How many to take?  Well I think between my daughter and I – um – there will a few books joining us…  I’m going to start with Fallen by Lauren Kate – a book I’ve been dying to read for some time now and somehow it gets to the bottom of my pile – but no more!!! It’s turn is today!

I’ve also been feeding my reading habit by purchasing books – I know I know!!!  But I’m also on the waiting list for a few books!  And – let’s face it – if your kids walk into a bookstore and ogle over a book you know is not in the Library yet – what do you do?  Yes I cave…  knowing that when she’s done that chances are pretty great that I’ll read it too 🙂  So win-win???

So I think I’m also taking Evernight by Claudia Gray and maybe The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong.  Claudia Gray’s trilogy – I bought the first two with the intent of reading and before I could touch them – they disappeared and were read in their entirety by my daughter – so yup!  We just bought the third one – and I suspect it’ll be traveling with us as well.

Have a great weekend all and I’ll post when I return!


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