Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Of all the Sarah Dessen’s books I’ve read or listened to – this has to be my favourite – hmmm…  did I say that the last time too?  If I did – I can’t help it – her stories are just so great!  This one is a story about Auden, an 18-yr old who decides on a whim really, to spend her last summer before going to College with her father, step-mom and new baby.  Up until now, she’s been with her Mom, a hard-working faculty member, who spent more time with her Graduate students than her daughter.  So Auden learned to love solitude and the night.  Over the summer though, she learns what it’s really like to go “Along for the Ride.”

Awesome story – so real and relatable.  Every character brought something to the story, there were no “extras”, without any one of them you’d lose a very important part of the story.  There are a number of lessons anyone could take away from this story – I won’t give anything away – but even as a Mom, it was a truly refreshing story.

I would highly recommend this novel to both teens and their parents – and I have to say that I think it would be a great story for the guys to read – there’s a lot to learn there 🙂

Favourite quote:

Alrighty – I listened to this book – and truth be told – I think there are just TOO many quotes that I would love to capture in this novel.  So to make it easy – just read the book!!!

Dessen, Sarah. (2009).  Along for the ride [sound recording CD]. New York : Penguin Audio

Author website:


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