Poll results and a New Poll (Feb 21)

Results from last week’s Poll:

We had vampires – what do you think is the next craze?

  • Angels   28%
  • Faeries   44%
  • Zombies   0%
  • Other   28%

Well – the answer was not unanimous by any means – the top rank selection was Faeries, followed by a tie for Angels and Other.  I’m not convinced we’ll see the Zombie craze really come into being – despite rumours and what my kid tells me.  Faeries, on the other hand – they seem to be popping up everywhere and doing really well too.  Melissa Marr and her series with Aislinn and Seth;  Canadian author Lesley Livingston with Wondrous Strange and Darklight;  Holly Black and her Modern Faery Tales, and the list goes on.  The “Other” suggestions included supernatural suspense and hyper-realism.

This week’s Poll – let’s turn our attention now to the voice that the book is written in.  I’ve been thinking about why I like certain books more than others – and I think it’s because I prefer books written in the first person.  Written in a way where I can share the character’s experiences as they pass.  I also listen to a number of audio books on my commutes – and have learned that YES those books written in the first person are just easier to listen to.   Which do you prefer?  Those written in the first person, in the third person – as an observer, or those written with a narrator – or do you prefer more than one voice?

I’ll report results next Sunday night…  Have a great week!


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