Gone by Lisa McMann

Heart-wrenching yet beautiful!  Lisa McMann has done a wonderful job pulling together all the strings of Janie’s life and creating a great resolution in the final book of the Wake trilogy.  After closing their last assignment, Janie and Cabel try to enjoy some time away on vacation, but news that Janie’s mom is in trouble, brings them back to deal with Janie’s home life.  Janie learns about her true heritage and struggles with it, while dealing with Cabe’s hidden feelings.  It’s a fantastic conclusion to this trilogy, I thought for sure, it was going one way, when all out of the sudden… it changed!

This final book deals with yet another difficult topic, alcohol addiction and its effects on home life.  Again, I feel very strongly that Lisa McMann allows the reader to live through this very difficult topic through Janie, opening the reader’s minds to what can happen.  Fantastic!

Favourite quote:

“Finds out that Morton’s Fork is not literally a fork.  It’s a term for a dilemma of sorts.  In summary: a forced choice between two equally suck-ass things.”    p. 118-119

” ‘ Why the heck does he live all the way out here in freaking… freaking Saskatchewan?’ Carrie says, giggling.
Janie doesn’t bother to point out that the nearest Canadian province is actually Ontario. Nor that they were going south.”         p. 128

McMann, Lisa.  (2010).  Gone. Toronto, ON:  Simon Pulse.

Author website: http://lisamcmann.com/


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