Fade by Lisa McMann

Love it!  The continuing story of Janie and Cabel’s adventures into the Dream World!  Janie’s learning the tricks of her trade from Miss Stubin, through her case files and meeting her in her dreams.  Her new assignment takes her into the dangerous world of sexual predation at her school, where she tries to put into place her new skills.  Unfortunately, this tough assignment begins to test her relationship with Cabel.  Can he handle it?  What has she done to alienate him?

This was another book that was tough for me to put down – the story got better as I continued to read.  It even pulled my daughter in – and that’s always a good thing – when you can find a book that peaks your child’s interest enough to read it.  My daughter has now borrowed the third book in this trilogy from a friend and we have it in the house until Tuesday – so I’m off to read Gone next.  I’m really looking forward to see how Cabel deals with Janie’s future – and how Janie will continue to use her skills while working for the Captain.  Needless to say my daughter has already finished the book and it’s been tough – preventing her from spilling any beans….

Along with the fun of relationships and learning about Janie’s new skills – we cannot forget that this book does cover a very ugly topic – sexual predation and date-rape drugs.  I found that it dealt with this topic in a frank and open way.  It allowed the reader to become more aware of this issue and to live through it with Janie as their guide.  Personally I think it was very well done and I would definitely recommend this book!

Favourite quote:

“Once you are blind, each dream journey you take will bring you back into the light, and you will see things in the dreams as if you are seeing them in life.”    p. 217

McMann, Lisa.  (2010).  Fade.  New York, NY: Simon Pulse.

Author website:  http://lisamcmann.com/


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