Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Oh! now I understand…..  I never realized till after I read Ink Exchange that it was part of a series 😦  But reading Wicked Lovely completed the stage a bit more for me – now I understand Aislinn, Seth and Keenan a  lot better – I now know their history. Remember Ink Exchange was my first introduction to the world of faeiries and with this one I now have a better view of Melissa Marr’s world of fae.

Aislinn grew up with the Sight, the ability to see faeries in the mortal world.  Her Grams taught her to avoid them and three very important rules:

  1. Don’t stare at invisible faeries
  2. Don’t speak to invisible faeries
  3. Don’t ever attract their attention

But all out of the sudden, she’s being stalked by them, by Court fae – what’s up with that?  Why?  She hasn’t done anything to attract them – she’s been following the rules.  She’s also relying more and more on Seth and seeing him for who he really is.

I loved this book – I started it yesterday morning – and yes – was silly enough to stay up late to finish it.  It was one of those that I couldn’t put down.  I do have one question in relation to the second book, Ink Exchange…  I read it first, so now I’m wondering about the timelines of it and this one – especially at the very beginning of this book, when Aislinn and Seth, meet Leslie and Irial in the tattoo shop?  In Ink Exchange – did this really happen before Wicked Lovely?  I don’t think I’ll find my answer – but it’s something that’s been nagging me.

Favourite quote:

“Too many faeries wearing human faces tonight.  Too many strong fey.”   p.  33

Marr, Melissa. (2007).  Wicked Lovely.  New York, NY:  HarperTeen.

Author website:  http://www.melissa-marr.com


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