Crash Into Me by Albert Borris

What a powerful book!  Albert Borris does a wonderful job sharing with us a story that deals with an extremely difficult topic.  It was hard to read but so fulfilling at the same time.  Owen, Frank, Audrey and Jin-Ae have one thing in common – they want to commit suicide.  They meet online, form an alliance called the Suicide Dogs and decide to go on a road trip touring sites where famous people have either committed suicide or are buried – with the final destination a commitment to “off” themselves together.  Along the way, they each learn about themselves and their friends – drawing them closer to their final destination and their final decision.

This was such a powerful book, giving you insight to the minds of four young adults who are troubled.  They’re lucky in many ways to find themselves amongst a group of peers with whom they share everything!  It was a hard read, in that it’s tough to listen to these teens deal with so many different aspects of their lives and not to be able to see any good – they only saw the bad!  It was sad and hard!

I would highly recommend this book to both young adults and adults!  Although it deals with a topic that’s hard to acknowledge and work through, this book did a great job.  I’m very glad I read it!

Favourite quote:

“Real self worth comes from mastery, from getting good at something.  It doesn’t matter what. Then you don’t have to worry about empty compliments.  You don’t worry about what other people think.  You have self-respect.”     p. 76-77

Borris, Albert.  (2009).  Crash Into Me. New York, NY:  Simon Pulse.

Author Website:


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