The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Oh my!  I’m not sure where to start with this story – it pulled me in from the start – I was with Jenna every step of the way while she discovered and rediscovered herself.  It was a really scary story on so many levels.  Ok let’s step back, Jenna Fox was in an accident and has just woken up from a year-long coma.   She’s been moved from Boston to California and is slowly remembering bits and pieces of her previous life.  But she’s struggling with her identity and her new life, she can’t understand why her grandmother is so distant now – was she always this way?  What did Jenna do?  Who is Jenna?

As I mentioned above, this story really touched me – as a scientist by trade the reality of bioengineering is very scary and yet so real!  As a parent, you bet I would do anything for my girls!  So if you are put into the situation presented in this book – what would you do?  Let’s add some ethics – and well?  How far do you go?  How far can you justify your decisions?  I don’t know!  That’s a tough one!

I think this truly is a great book for both young adults and adults – it will certainly get you thinking!  Reading it from Jenna’s perspective was wonderful, sharing her emotions and struggles created such an awesome story of anguish, discovery, fear and excitement.

Here’s the author’s book trailer – another great one!

Favourite quotes:

“When I was going through my bitter phase, my counselor told me we’re all products of our parents, genes, or environment in one way or another…. And I may wish I could change the hand I was dealt, but I can’t, so all I can do now is choose how I will play it.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Playing it the best I can.”  p.168

“… but there is still something different about opening a real book, the scent that emerges, seeing one word at a time and soaking in its shape and nuance.”   p. 192

Pearson, Mary E. (2009).  The Adoration of Jenna Fox.  New York, NY:  Square Fish.

Book website:


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