Two Parties, One Tux by Steven Goldman

What a great book!  It’s not very often when I find the opportunity to read a book from a boy’s perspective – not sure whether I subconsciously select my books where the girls are protagonists or whether there aren’t as many books out there from the guy’s perspective.  In any case, I thought this one was so cute and funny!

Mitchell Wells is a high school junior who has barely kissed a girl, can be classified as a geek or nerd, and has just been told that his best friend is gay.  Everything changes now, what do other people see?  Do they know David is gay? Is Mitchell gay by association?  Throw in a Prom dance and a sister who is determined to improve her brother’s social status and you have the mix for a great and funny story!  Oh – and let’s not forget the Claymation video that Mitchell submits in English as his report on the The Grapes of Wrath book – well, you just have to read this book to see how these things fit together.

This is a book that I would recommend to anyone, young or old, it’s funny and deals with today’s teen relationships in a light way.  This is Steven Goldman’s first YA book and I hope there will be more.

Favourite quote:

“I have a sudden awful vision of the world as just a much bigger version of high school, where adults still have to worry about being popular and whether someone in charge has it in for you.  Please don’t let that be true.”        p.208

Goldman, Steven.  (2008).  Two parties, One Tux – and a very short film about The Grapes of Wrath.  New York, NY:  Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books.

Author’s website:


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