Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy by Brian K. Vaughan

Graphic Novels have been such an unknown to me that I’ve tried to take in a few here and there.  Bone by Jeff Smith, the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series – these are familiar to me, because I either grew up with them or because one of my girls liked them.  If you look at my choices so far – they’ve been comfortable and familiar.  So…  last Saturday in the Library I asked my daughter to pick up out a Graphic Novel for me – thinking that she might push my comfort boundaries and that maybe I’d learn or at least experience something new and different.  Her pick was Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy by Brian K. Vaughan.

I really enjoyed it!  It wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone – I was worried she was going to pick out Manga – she knows me too well 🙂  It took me back to the old Spider Man comic books.  This was the première issue of the Runaways series, where six teenagers learn that their parents are evil superheroes and vow to take them down.  We are introduced to the teens as they discover who they believe their parents are and their own unique powers.  I’ll have to admit that I loved comic books as a kid and this one fits that class in my mind – so I will be checking out a few more in this series – I’m curious about what this group of teens will do.

I enjoyed the format of this book, the artwork and the flow of the story was great!  I’m always weary about graphic novels today, how teens are portrayed  – this one did a great job!  You could easily identify with the characters by how they dressed and talked – it was very believable!

Favourite quote: I know a quote from a Graphic Novel??  But there were two that stood out for me and I just had to record them!

“It’s like, every day, the people in charge seem to make the world a little more screwed-up, and we can see it, but there’s nothing anyone our age can –”

“People always say teenagers think they’re immortal, but I … I don’t think that.  I mean, all I ever think about is death.”

Both quotes are from the chapter entitled: “The Hayes Residence 5:48 a.m.”

Vaughan, Brian K. (2003).  Runaways. [Vol. 1], Pride & joy.  New York : Marvel Comics


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