Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter

I just finished listening to the third story about the Gallagher Girls and I’m looking for more!  This one was the best yet – we’re starting to see more develop around the school and Cammie.  I love it!  It had me laughing at times and yes crying at others.  Really kept my attention – to the point where I now have more questions at the end of the story than at the beginning.  I’m still thinking about it – Zach, Cammie…..

Macey McHenry invites Cammie to her father’s Vice-presidential nomination party and is thrown into what appears to be yet another spy test.  However, they both realize quickly that this kidnapping attempt is for real.  The girls along with their roommates, Liz and Bex, try to figure out who and why, while trying to save their sisterhood.  Let’s not forget the boy – Zach – who seems to appear wherever Cammie is.  Is he trying to save her or is he is trouble?  The ending took me by surprise and I cannot wait to see the next book now….

So – is there a next book and if so when?  Well….  I just took a peak at Ally Carter’s blog entry about the next Gallagher Girls book – trying to figure out how long I have to wait…  Quick answer – she’s working on the book and there are no dates yet.  For more details and answers to the tough questions check out:  Ally’s Diary:  Gallagher Girls …4?

Favourite quote:  Since I listened to this one – I’ll have to make my way to the library to find my quote 🙂  I do remember it though….  coming SOON!

Carter, Ally.  (2009).  Don’t judge a girl by her cover [sound recording CD].  Grand Haven, MI : Brilliance Audio.

Author’s website:


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