Hardy Boys #1 The Ocean of Osyria Graphic Novel

If you’ve read my earlier post on the first Hardy Boys Graphic Novel I read (#17 Word Up!) you’ll remember that I was a bit disappointed in how the boys were portrayed and just how things had changed from the last time I read or watched the Hardy Boys.  Well that’s not the case with this one!  Guess I should have started from the first issue rather than jumping to the middle – oh well – who knew?

The story behind this graphic novel was exactly what I was expecting – the brothers embarking on their own detective mission – it was fast, it was adventurous, they brought the girls along – it was great!  It left me believing that the Hardy Boys are still the Hardy Boys I remember.  Ok I’m sure you’re wondering -well you didn’t really like #17 but you like #1 – what about the ones in between?  Well I have to admit that I think I’m going to try a few more in between to see where the change happens – maybe if I follow it through I might have a different view on the graphic novel series.  On that note – stay tuned and join me on my walk through the Hardy Boys graphic novels.

Lobdell, Scott and Hernandez, Lea.  (2005).  Hardy Boys #1The Ocean of Osyria. New York, NY:  Papercutz.

Hardy Boys Graphic Novels Wiki:http://hardyboys.wikia.com/wiki/The_Hardy_Boys_Graphic_Novel


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