Captivate by Carrie Jones

Zara, Nick, Betty and their friends Issie and Devyn return to their normal lives after dealing with the King and his pixies in Need.  Unfortunately, their normal life routine is short-lived when pixies from other territories come to Bedford, Maine to try to take over Zara’s father’s territory.  Captivate sees Zara and Nick grow closer, even as Astley, a young pixie king arrives in Bedford and has a very peculiar effect on Zara.  The friends try to find ways to save everyone from the pixies and to prevent the War while making very difficult decisions.

I loved Captivate, the sequel to Need.  The story kept me engaged all the way to the end.  The characters became more real as I read along.  The world of pixies was a new one for me and Carrie Jones did a wonderful job at drawing me in.

I tried to find whether there are any plans for a third book and I found mention of the potential but nothing concrete.  To that I say – there HAS to be one!  I NEED to know what happens with Zara and Nick! and then there’s Issie and Devyn – and Cassidy, the half-elf – what role will she play?  Ugh…  I NEED more!  Please give me the third and final chapter in the world of Pixies.

Favourite quote:

She responds with a quote, ” ‘People sleep peacefully in their bed at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.’ That guy who wrote Animal Farm said that, I think.  The Orwell guy.”  p.207

Jones, Carrie. (2010).  Captivate. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.

Author’s website:

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