Blue Moon by Alyson Noël

I really enjoyed Evermore by Alyson Noël, the first in the Immortals series, but I have to say I was not as enamoured with this one.  I really enjoyed how Damen and Ever’s relationship developed in Evermore, but I didn’t feel or see any progression in Blue Moon.

A new classmate, Roman shakes things up in Ever’s High School and at the same time comes between Ever and Damen.  Ever learns some hard immortal lessons on her own and develops a close relationship with an unlikely ally.  With help from Ava and some new friends, Ever makes a tough decision that could jeopardize her future with Damen.

I was very disappointed with the ending – I think the first chapter of the third book in the series, Shadowland gave me more reason to look forward to the next one than the ending of Blue Moon.  I will read the next book in the series but probably not for a while.

Favourite quote:

“…Just suck it up and approach her already.”  p.228

Noël, Alyson. (2009).  Blue Moon.  New York, NY:  St. Martin’s Press.

Author’s website:

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