How It Ends by Laura Wiess

Oh Wow….  what can I say – a beautiful and very powerful story!  It was extremely hard to put it down and yet at the same time almost hard to pick it up again in fear and anticipation of what was coming next.  There were so many facets of this story that I loved – the relationship between Hanna and Seth, the potential for a relationship between Hanna and Jesse, the relationship between Hanna and her Gran, then of course the audiobook story.  The more I think about it there were so many paths this story could have taken – so many dangling storylines – but in the end they don’t matter.  It was a beautiful and real love story with all life’s ups and downs –  and I’d argue with anyone who disagrees with this 🙂

When I start to think about the audience for this book, I waver – who is it directed to?  The young adult or the adult?  I’m not sure…  I think it can be equally directed to both audiences.  The young adults who enjoy the “real-life” type stories will love this, but I think it would be a shame to not market it for the adults as well.  I believe there is such a huge audience for this story.  I like the way Laura Wiess summarizes the audience for her books:  “Those books are about teens but not necessarily only for teens.”  And I couldn’t agree more.


Ages:  16 and over

Favourite quote:

“The relief that comes from this shames me, but I’m still thankful because the birds who died quickly have not only been spared but have spared me the struggles of the mortally wounded, of kneeling helpless beside a body too broken to fly but not broken enough to die, beside living wreckage that cannot be healed and would never again be more than a twisted, flightless song trapped on the ground alone, defenseless, and forsaken by its own kind. ”  p. 338

Wiess, Laura. (2009). How It Ends. New York, NY:  Pocket Books.

Author’s website:


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