Need by Carrie Jones

Yeowsers!  I had so many things I had planned to get done this morning – but I started to read Need last night and just couldn’t wait to get back to it – and now…. well you know the rest!  Could NOT put this book down!

It was awesome!  I was literally on the edge of my seat at times!  Then smiling from ear to ear at other times… oh it was great!  It starts off with Zara, who just lost her stepfather and is sent away to Maine to stay with her grandmother.  Her mother’s hope is that she funds her spunk again, but what she finds is a bit more than she expected, new friends, new relationships and her stalker.  Seriously I could not put this down with the suspense and blossoming relationships..

Carrie Jones did such an excellent job weaving the supernatural world with today’s teen’s world without the reader being aware of where you’re being drawn to.  Hmm… all that to say – that I didn’t feel like I was reading about some futuristic or way out there pixie story – I was reading a perfectly plausible story about teens and their relationships.

Phobias – holy cow!  I didn’t realize that these phobias existed – now that’s scary!  Now to add Captivate to my reading list 🙂  Need to read it soon….

Favourite quote:

“… You lovebirds just sit on the couch and think swooning things at each other.”

“Gram!” I try to scold her but she just laughs and heads to the kitchen.  “I love her, but she’s embarrassing.”  p. 261-261

Jones, Carrie.  (2009). Need. New York, NY:  Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books

Author’s website:


One thought on “Need by Carrie Jones

  1. i love your book, i have almost finished. I haven’t really read books but this is like so good that every time i think of it, it feels like a movie inside my head please do not make need into a movie i think it will ruin it. Oh for an idea in the future not every one finds love i mean every fairy tale always has love i mean in need i love it how they come together slowly. Any way i hope you can reply on this.

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