I’ve Got an Idea by Eric Walters

If you’ve been following the books listed under “Currently Reading” or my twitter feed the last couple of days, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve switched books a couple of times.  I tried to read Rex Zero: The Great Pretender by Tim Wynne-jones but found myself wandering so then I picked up “I’ve Got an Idea” from my daughter’s books and well here you go – all done and feeling great!

I’ll admit that this book is geared to a younger audience than the past few books I’ve read and truth be told I was a bit worried as to whether I would enjoy it or not.  But I did!  The story is about Alex and Sam, best friends, who befriend the new girl, Twilight, daughter of a famous soap opera actor.  They live in a small town where there’s really not too much to do  – Farmington, New Jersey, so when Twilight presents the boys with tickets for a concert being held at Madison Square Gardens in New York city – they decide to join her on the adventure of a lifetime.

On their trip the three of them learn a lot about each other and develop what I believe could be lifelong friendships or at least some fantastic memories to tell their children and grandchildren about.  It was a great and easy read – alright it took me a few nights, but that was because I was juggling work, home life and schoolwork.  It kept my interest up and as with many other authors I’ve read this past year – I am now very curious about his other books.  I did a little digging into Eric Walters repertoire and noticed that I recognized a few of them from my girls’ schoolwork or believe this or not, and from books we have bought over the years.  So – yes….  I don’t have to go too far to read a couple more of his books – good news for my pocketbook.

I would indeed recommend this book!  And for me there’s always the added attraction that he is a Canadian author 🙂

Favourite quote:

“One mistake! Let’s not forget last Christmas when we roasted those chestnuts in my microwave and blew the door off.  Or the time we dug up my back lawn because your metal detector ‘beeped’ that gold was buried there.  Or the time we took apart my father’s gas lawn mower because it didn’t work, when all that was wrong was it was out of gas.  Or the time -”

Walters, Eric.  (2004). I’ve Got an Idea.  Toronto, ON:  HarperTrophyCanada.

Author website: http://www.ericwalters.net/

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got an Idea by Eric Walters

  1. Sounds like a plan! Thanks. I also realized this morning that I read “We All Fall Down” a couple of years ago – fantastic!

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