Whirlwind by David Klaas

David Klaas’ second book in the Caretaker trilogy, Whirlwind was an enjoyable book with the environmental theme carried through from his Firestorm book.  Jack returns to his hometown, Hadley-by-Hudson after his Firestorm adventure in hopes of finding PJ, his high school sweetheart and picking up where they left off.  On his return to her house though, he finds that everything is no longer as it was when he left.  Now Jack has to save PJ and the Rain Forest.

I “read” Firestorm on my commutes to class via an audiobook and I remember at that time, thinking that this might be a tough book to read because of all the short sentences and sentence fragments.  So yes, it was tough going at the beginning but I think having listened to the first book I knew what to expect and maybe had a better sense on how to read this book.  The story is fast-paced but not until the end, so I have to admit that I struggled reading the first half of it – but then really enjoyed it!

I admire how Klaas brings in the environmental theme, saving the oceans in Firestorm and saving the Rain Forest in Whirlwind, in a way that gets you involved – after the halfway mark of the book – I could no longer put it down – I had to know what they were going to try next or where they were going next.  How the author gives the reader a link to the living creatures in the Rain Forest is wonderful!  It gives you an appreciation and a better understanding of these precious environments that you just don’t get watching the news or reading about it.

I debated reading this book, just as I noted after I finished Firestorm – but now I’ll admit I’m intrigued as to where Jack will go next, and whether he’ll choose to stay in the present or go back to the future he has never known.

Favourite quote:

“With his white hair, in his black-frame eyeglasses, with shelves of books all around him, he looks like a librarian on steroids”  p. 146

Klaas, David.  (2008).  Whirlwind  The Caretaker Trilogy:  Book 2. New York, NY:  Square Fish.


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